149 new charging points for electric cars will open in Zaragoza, Spain

In Spain, it is preparing to start the creation of more than 100 new recharging points for electric cars through Endesa X Y UTE E.

Will be opening soon 37 new charging stations for electric vehicles on public roads, whose operation and maintenance is being tendered by the Zaragoza City Council, although they already have a proposed winner. In this way it was reported that the companies would be Endesa X and the E-Gedesel-Gonzalvo joint venture who have obtained the best score among all the offers submitted, more than a dozen in each of the blocks.

According to the details reported, it would be a total of 149 charging points distributed throughout the city, which will multiply in a few months the number of this type of spaces available in the Aragonese capital. The chosen offers have improved the number of ultra-fast chargers proposed in the specificationss, as well as the minimum percentage of canon on billing, which was three percent.

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To this end, it should be noted that Endesa X has offered a 22 percent canon, while E-Gedesel-Gonzalvo has set it at 16 percent. Saragossa It will thus have 95 new 22-kilowatt semi-fast chargers; 30 fast 50 kilowatts; and 24 ultra-fast 150 kilowatts.

On the subject, the Minister of Public Services and Mobility of the Zaragoza City Council, Natalia Chueca, has indicated that the success of this call, in which expectations have been exceeded both in the number of offers presented and in the improvements offered, “It offers an idea of ​​the importance that the ‘electric revolution’ that we are experiencing in terms of mobility is reaching.”

Adding that “Our objective -he recalled- is to anticipate this unstoppable transformation of mobility, which is also fully linked to our sustainability objectives that will make Zaragoza a climate-neutral city”.

Likewise, it was ensured that the approach to using these recharging points is open, «thinking that both residents of Zaragoza and people who visit us can use it. We want our city to be an easy destination for electric cars, as well as an attractive crossing point that allows vehicles to be recharged in transit while their occupants rest or visit Zaragoza”, Chueca has pointed out.

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