2 for 1 at the ‘low cost’ gas stations of the supermarkets: when making the purchase means savings of up to 28 cents

‘Low cost’ gas stations continue to offer the most competitive gasoline and diesel prices, even in a scenario like the current one, where we are still talking about high figures. It should be noted that in some of them it is also possible to save in the shopping cart. How? Using supermarket cards: you can reduce that expense by up to 10%.

There are banks that offer you discounts at those service stations with which they maintain an association. If you do not want to carry several cards in your wallet to pay depending on the chosen gas station, you can always take advantage of your visit to the supermarket to buy and save when filling the pump. And to achieve this, we propose several allies: Alcampo, Carrefour, Eroski and Costco.

Alcampo – Oney Card

Alcampo offers its clients the possibility of having the Oney payment card, which is free and has no associated costs. It is valid to make purchases in their supermarkets, participating businesses and also in their gas stations. It also has exclusive offers and discounts without forgetting the possibility of requesting a direct money transfer when necessary.

Advantages apart, when filling the tank, the reduction can be as much as 8 cents per liter: the amount will depend on the service station or supermarket. It is a direct discount that is applied to the amount of gasoline or diesel that we have used; in this case, it does not translate into coupons to save money on the purchase. It also has the ‘Automatric’ application: a quick payment system based on license plate recognition.

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Carrefour – Carrefour PASS card

Customers of the French chain have the possibility of becoming partners through the Carrefour PASS Card, which does not imply association with any bank.

The membership links the visit to its gas stations with the purchases in its stores: each time a driver uses one of its pumps, 8% of the amount you pay will go directly to your savings checks, which you can take advantage of when you make the purchase in any Carrefour. Unlike Alcampo, it is not a direct discount on fuel.

To this we must add that if Carrefour partners refuel in Cepsa, they will also be able to accumulate a part of what they pay to spend it in the supermarket: instead of 8% it will be 4%. And, until December 31, 2022, they have a promotion active with which they give away 3 euros to all those who download the Carrefour application for the first time.

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The North American company arrived in Spain in 2014, but it has only been now that its gas stations have gained popularity. The reason? The additional discount that they give to their partners and that, normally, is around 5%. If you are not part of their club you will also be able to refuel, although without the benefit of this bonus. That membership has a cost: €36.30/year (VAT included) for private users and €30.25 for companies and freelancers. Costco is present in Seville, Madrid (Getafe and Las Rozas) and the Basque Country (Sestao).

Eroski – Eroski Club Card

In the case of Basque supermarkets it is necessary to have the Eroski Club payment card (which has a monthly cost of 4.99 euros) and associate it with the Repsol Más card to get 4% savings.

Every time they pay at any of the Repsol, Campsa or Petronor service stations, At the beginning of the following month, they will pay you 4% of what each report has cost you. An amount that you can use to pay for the purchase you make at Eroski supermarkets. The promotion cannot be combined with other discounts offered by the Repsol Group and also has certain limits: maximum 150 liters per day, two operations per day, fifteen per month and 1,500 liters per month.

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Is the saving real?

According to the comparative study of prices carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users, it seems so. The OCU analyzed the prices of the main gas station chains and confirmed that those linked to supermarket chains continue to be among the cheapest. And it is that using its pumps, it is possible to save 10% (sometimes even more) compared to big oil companies such as Petronor, Repsol, BP and Cepsa.

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