2023 has just begun and this SUV for 13,990 euros wants to be the best purchase of the year

One of the biggest fears at the automotive level at the start of the year 2023 is that a new and harsh inflation will be experienced in the market. Thus, the MG ZS provides some peace of mind by remaining faithful to its good value for money hand in hand with an offer that continues to allow us to get this one for only 13,990 euros. Now, are there any new tricks in this tantalizing opportunity? Let’s find out.

And although it is true that the objective of the Chinese firm in 2023 continues to be to offer very competitive prices, the MG ZS that can be ours for 13,990 euros involves financing. Thus, we are going to analyze if this method is really worth it or, on the contrary, the interests end up overshadowing what promised to be a very good opportunity.

This is the MG ZS that can end up in our garage this 2023 for less than 14,000 euros

But before talking about numbers, we are going to discover what the ZS offers us, a model that for 12,950 euros requires a specific configuration. So much so, that we must opt ​​for the Comfort finish and the 1.5 VTI-tech enginethat is, the two access options, but does this imply that it is a bad pairing?

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We can discover this by analyzing the standard equipment of the Chinese SUV, which is made up of 17-inch wheels, full LED headlights, rear parking sensor, air conditioning, tire pressure control system and a 10.1-inch touch screen with connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But if it does not seem enough to us, we must know that for 14,950 euros We can combine the access engine with the top-of-the-range Luxury finish, which adds to the formula elements such as a 360º camera, heated front seats, Virtual Cockpit, satellite navigation and six speakers, among others.

In terms of mechanics, the MG ZS boasts a simple engine, being a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder that develops 106 hp and 141 Nm of torque. These figures are orchestrated by means of a five-speed manual gearbox, and allow a 0 to 100 in 10.9 seconds and the top speed is 175 km/h. The combined consumption is not bad with 6.6 liters per 100, but its high point lies in the fact that, as it is a fairly basic engine, possible mechanical failures are significantly reduced.

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But let’s get to what is really important: what does MG ask for to take us a ZS for those tempting 13,990 euros? The truth is that the firm does not give too many details, alluding only to the fact that it is a multi-option system. Of course, we must know that if we use this payment method we will enjoy free all-risk insurance for one year.

Now, if the MG offer does not convince us, we should know that we can get a ZS of the same configuration for 16,990 euros paying in cash. Still, the Chinese SUV isn’t the only plausible alternative on the market, and we need to get to know the rivals it faces.

The MG ZS in What car do I buy?

And although it is true that in these dark times that are running, they complicate the task of buy a cheap car, we can do it. This is possible in What car do I buy?, the comparator of Diariomotor where we can not only find the largest offer of new cars, but also second hand.

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Thus, we can get hold of a SsangYong Tivoli for 16,900 euros thanks to a succulent discount. Another alternative is the Dacia Duster, a model that continues to present good value for money thanks to an offer of 16,594 euros. And last but not least the Hyundai Bayon, model that can end up in our garage for 15,540 euros.

But we must know that if the MG ZS is the option to choose but it is not enough for a new one, we can always resort to the second hand market. It is there where we will find not only cheaper Chinese SUV units, but also its 100% electric variant.

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