2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Teaser Shows Rugged Trim, Off-Road Ready

The Honda Pilot 2023 will debut this fall as a new generation of crossover. The latest teaser images give a closer look at the rugged TrailSport trim during its off-road development. There are even two photos of models without camouflage.

The new TrailSport has revised suspension tuning for better off-road performance. It also gets “expanded all-wheel drive system capabilities,” according to Honda, but the announcement didn’t offer any additional details about the change. Steel skid plates and all-terrain tires are also part of the package.

In most of the images, the Pilot TrailSport is under heavy camouflage with a mix of body wrap, faux panels, and fabric covers. However, the two images below give us a glimpse of the actual vehicle.

Honda Pilot TrailSport Teaser Vertical Front
Honda Pilot TrailSport Vertical Rear Teaser

Compared to the existing model, the new Pilot looks more sculpted, and the boxy grille evokes the new CR-V. The headlights are more distinctly rectangular in shape and place the running lights at the bottom, not the top. At least this TrailSport grade has metallic trim on the underside of the fascia and lots of black trim.

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At the rear, there is now a bar with the Pilot branding that runs between the taillights. The lamp now has a trapezoidal shape rather than the current bracket-like design. Like at the front, the TrailSport’s tail has a mix of dark trim and metallic finishes on the underside of the bumper.

Presumably, the interior of the new Pilot received quite significant cabin changes. However, we don’t have any pictures or details about it yet.

Similarly, there is no info on the drivetrain changes yet. Currently, the model uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 280 horsepower (205 kilowatts) and has a nine-speed automatic transmission. Based on the TrailSport announcement, we know all-wheel drive continues to be available.

Since the next-generation Pilot debuted in the fall of 2022, we expect the new model to be available in dealerships as early as 2023.

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