2023 Nissan Z Was Damaged Before Leaving Dealer

The new Nissan Z has been around for a long time, and we’re not just talking about the 11 years of production of its predecessor. It’s been a year since the production 2023 Z launched, and it’s finally reaching dealers now. Unfortunately for one Z customer, it looks like the wait has been extended.

That’s what we heard from a recent Facebook post showing the unfortunate aftermath of the new Z apparently colliding with a pickup truck. And we’re talking well new, because the accident was reported to have occurred in many dealerships at the hands of an employee. A Facebook user named Rubert shared the video to New Nissan Z The FB group shows the aftermath.

In his comments, Rubert explained that the car was sold and brought in by a detailer at the dealership. The driver apparently decided to give the Z a bit of extra throttle, which proved too much in wet conditions. The car collided with a Ram truck, and while we don’t know how fast the Nissan was going, it couldn’t have been very slow. There was extensive damage along the sides of the sports car, and the impact was hard enough to make the side airbag explode. The front wheel also looks a bit scruffy, though that could be an illusion caused by the dislodged front fascia, damaged fenders, and damaged hood.

Based on Drive, this happened recently at a dealer in Puerto Rico. To make the bad situation worse, their report stated the car was actually delivered to its new owner at the dealer when the accident happened. So yeah, if these buyers have been waiting since the near-production Z Proto debuted back in 2020, it’s a pretty nasty blow to be had.

We don’t know the specifications for this particular model, nor do we know the current state of the automotive market in that part of the world. We know that the 2023 Nissan Z starts at over $41,000 in the United States, so even in the best-case scenario, this employee (now a former employee?) is making a very costly mistake.

Chatting About Cars co-hosts Chris Bruce and Christopher Smith set up the new Nissan Z live during the latest episode of the Motor1.com weekly podcast. See below.

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