2025 Porsche Boxster EV Spied Testing With Fake Exhaust

porsche decided to bet on technology for boxster Y cayman. Current mid-engined models will be replaced by a couple of vehicles 100% electric in late 2024 and one of them was caught conducting tests.

Using the code 983, two-seater electric vehicles were previously introduced by the racing concept Mission R 2021. Featured here are some aggressive aerodynamic devices and an all-wheel drive powertrain with nearly 1,000 hp, but the regular Boxsters and Caymans won’t be as wild.

Standard cars are estimated to have a only engine driving the rear wheels, while the most popular versions would add a second motor that acts on the front axle. Porsche claims that both versions are technically mid-engined, as the battery pack will be placed behind the driver, but in front of the rear axle.

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The prototype in the images wears thick camouflage, as well as a fake center outlet exhaust pipe, placed to fool spy photographers. The design faithfully follows the look presented on the Concept Mission R, including its LED headlights and the LED strip connecting the taillights.

It is not ruled out that the production model includes a lower rear spoiler just in front of the rear wheels.

Porsche wants EVs to account for half of its global production by 2025, and the new Boxster and Cayman should be introduced in two years. The Macan EV, meanwhile, was delayed to 2024 due to software issues. The 911 won’t be an electric car anytime soon.

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