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3 second-hand cars, for less than 7,500 euros, with which you can enter the ZBE

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All Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, in theory, have launched their Low Emission Zones in 2023, limiting access to the most polluting vehicles, which, in this case, are all those that do not have the DGT environmental label. If this is your case and you need to change a car or, simply, you are considering to buy one that allows you to access the ZBE… take note: These three second-hand cars cost less than 7,500 euros and the restrictions do not affect them.

For some time now, the price of new cars has skyrocketed, forcing many drivers to resort to the aftermarket. second hand to buy your next vehicle. Although prices are also rising, it is possible to find affordable units that shine on your front window sticker B or C. We have limited our search to these categories because with the Eco and the Zero it is difficult to maintain the bar of 7,500 euros.

3 cars for less than 7,500 euros

Cars B (gasoline registered from January 1, 2001 and diesel from 2006) and C (gasoline registered from January 2006 and diesel from September 2015) They can access and circulate through the ZBE without any limitation. They may encounter a problem when parking, always depending on the regulations of each city.

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The models that make up our list share a number of common features: they are urban and are designed for this purpose; Only some of them allow you to cross the city limits with some comfort. They are cars with adjusted maintenance and consumption ranging between 5 and 6.5 l/100 km: filling the tank will not mean a huge financial investment. The power of their engines moves in a fork of 69-75 CV, there are bodies with three and five doors and have capacity for four passengers… with the occasional exception of five.

Ford Ka – 6,820 euros

At least four meters in length, the Ford Ka is the perfect urban Ford knew how to take advantage of the interior space to offer a spacious cabin (taking into account the segment in which we are) and a 270-liter trunk: a decent figure for use in the city.

The driving position is comfortable (a characteristic that it shares with the rest of the seats) and ergonomic, although visibility and height fail slightly. The most basic finishes of the Ford Ka did without much needed equipment like, for example, the air conditioning: something to take into account in our search.

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Fiat Panda – 6,900 euros

If something characterizes the Fiat Pandain addition to its nice design that offers many possibilities, it is for its agility in the city and the ease it offers when parking: It is 3.65 meters long. It is one of the most versatile models that we can find in its segment.

Its square shapes make a spacious interior possible: the space is more generous than it appears, although the capacity of its trunk (225 liters) is somewhat limited and does not allow many licenses when loading it. The simplicity of its driving also stands out because in the Fiat Panda the driver enjoys a high position and remarkable visibility.

Fiat Punto – 7,400 euros

Today the only way to buy a Fiat Punto it is resorting to the second-hand market because it is no longer for sale in Spain. When looking for a unit, you should keep in mind that it is a model that It is usually fair in security systems and that its engines have modest benefits.

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Available with three and five doors, its compact size makes the Fiat Punto a vehicle very manageable. After that casual image with which they wanted to conquer the youngest drivers, we find an intermediate cabin in which both the materials and the adjustments and the level of equipment are simple. The size of his trunk is striking: 275 liters, a figure higher than that of almost all of his rivals.

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