3 Things About The 2022 Toyota Camry That Owners Don’t Like According To JD Power

3 things he has youToyota Camry 2022 that customers don’t like it, according to JD Power.

2022 Toyota Camry

JD Power is an automotive industry beacon that consumers look to for information on the strengths and weaknesses of auto companies. With its initial quality study, JD Power uses data from driver surveys to see what they like (and don’t like) about their newly purchased vehicle.

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The team of JD Power get reviews on even the most highly praised vehicles on the market today.

The toyota camry is among the best currently, however, the team of JD Power found several consistent issues customers have with this midsize sedan.

Ease of getting in and out of Camry’s front seats

Being one of the most praised models, it seems that its comfort is not perfect. According to Consumer Reportsthe model has a low driving position, so the firm tried to solve it by placing doors that open wide, which increased discomfort.

voice assistant experience


The toyota camry brings all smartphone and voice control assistants, however, smartphone integration and voice command setup of Toyota are quite difficult to use, according to JD Power.

interior cargo space

The Camry Drawbacks are the dash-integrated interior storage areas are for the driver only and remain locked. Which gives a certain challenge when using them.

Is it worth buying the Toyota Camry?

The toyota camry It’s one of the best and most durable sedan-like models on the automotive market, so the answer to this question is yes.

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