300 km/h at the top for the five-cylinder compact, the unnecessary excuse to make a car that is already special special

Every day that passes I wonder more often about where the limits of cars are and how far it is necessary to go to supposedly make them special. Today I have formulated it because of the Audi RS 3 Performance Edition, a limited edition of 300 units whose main novelty is that its tip is 300 km/h. For me an unnecessary excuse to make a car special that is already special.

Please, I do not want you to misunderstand me: the Audi RS 3 seems to me to be a very good car in its field and yes, very special because of the engine that it has in its entrails in these dark times. But, wasn’t this already enough merit to not have to search the limits of a sports compact? Apparently not, and that is why there is the RS 3 Performance Edition with a pinch of more in almost everything.

Without limits for the Audi RS 3 Performance Edition, or what is the same, the RS3 that reaches 300 km/h

I am in favor of the fact that, used wisely, power is synonymous with safety. But I don’t think that being able to reach 300 km/h is a symptom of anything. And although the main credential of the RS 3 Performance Edition is its top speed, It has other novelties that, in my opinion, make it more interesting to exceed limits that I think were more than correct.

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We quickly noticed the presence of new 19-inch cast aluminum wedge wheels, which are lighter and which are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. The brakes are carbon-ceramic, and the calipers are painted blue for the occasion, and the RS sports running gear is included as standard, which allows the damping to be adjusted.

The five-cylinder soundtrack improves courtesy of an RS sports exhaust that modifies the central silencer and is differentiated, in addition to its loudness, by oval exhaust outlets finished in gloss black. As far as pure and hard mechanics are concerned, the Audi RS 3 Performance Edition continues to show off what is, without a doubt, the high point of this car: a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine.

The difference? That the power increases slightly to 407 hp, while the torque remains at the same 500 Nm. Be that as it may, the 0 to 100 occurs in 3.8 seconds as in the standard Audi RS 3, but now it is possible to reach 300 km/h compared to 290 km/h that the German compact can reach if we equip the RS dynamic package plus -without this the speed is limited to 250 km/h-.

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In terms of aesthetics, we find a Daytona Gray color specific to this special edition, as well as a new infographic for the infotainment system in which a carbon fiber background is reflected to show the firing order of the five cylinders. To this we must add some backet type seatsblue stitching next to the center marking of the steering wheel and matching belts, as well as the projection of a racing flag on the passenger side and the number 300 on the driver’s side when we open the car and the “RS3” symbol when we close it.

Yes indeed, Audi has not yet revealed the price of the Audi RS 3 Performance Edition in the Spanish market or how many of the 300 units will be destined for it. Be that as it may, we are talking about a considerable premium compared to the conventional Audi RS 3, a car that, in itself, is already special.

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