4 affordable SUVs worth waiting until 2023 to buy a new car

If you are thinking of buying a new car, but waiting for 2023 is not a problem, stay with us because today we are going to discover you 4 urban SUVs for which it is worth waiting until 2023 to buy a new car. Next year comes loaded with novelties, but among them the ones that we will see landing in the B-SUV segment, crossover cut cars that offer a compact size, but above all a good value for moneyideal for not shooting our budget.

2023 brings very interesting news to the B-SUV and crossover segment, some of them at very reasonable prices

jeep avenger

The Jeep Avenger is one of the most interesting novelties in the category in 2023. A direct rival to cars such as the Renault Capture, the SEAT Arona or the Volkswagen T-Cross, the Avenger is the smallest SUV that the American firm has ever manufactured, which does not mean that we are dealing with a 4.08-meter-long car. length, with space for 5 occupants and a 380-litre trunk. Developed on the Stellantis CMP platform, We can buy the Jeep Avenger either with a 100 CV gasoline engine or with a 156 CV electric motor capable of 400 km of autonomythus becoming the first electric Jeep on the market.

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Already on sale in Spain for a price from 25,900 euros and with a very complete supply of equipment, the first deliveries will take place during the first quarter of 2023.

Citroen C4 X

Citroën has responded to the fashion for SUV coupés by launching the new Citroën C4 X. We are talking about a body derived from the Citroën C4 that offers a more attractive and striking image, making it a direct rival to the successful Renault Arkana. Manufactured in the same Spanish plant in Villaverde, the C4 X has as its second argument after its aesthetics, the fact of having a independent trunk up to 510 liters, regardless of what mechanic we install. The range of engines available has gasoline options of 100 or 130 CV, diesel of 130 CV and even 100% electric with 156 CV and a range of up to 360 km.

The marketing of the Citroën C4 X is already underway in Spain, making it possible to buy a Citroën C4 X with a price from 21,285 euros. Deliveries to customers will start in the coming months of next year, so it is one of the models that will arrive sooner in 2023.

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Dacia Jogger Hybrid

The Dacia Jogger has rightfully become one of Dacia’s most interesting cars due to its space/price ratio. Available in 5 and 7 seater configurations, its huge trunk of up to 708 liters make it practically unbeatable in its category and price range. Although at the moment It is already possible to buy it with gasoline or LPG engines, in 2023 we will see the Jogger Hybrid version reach the marketa new gasoline hybrid engine that promises a power of 140 CV, very tight consumption and ECO label.

The Dacia Jogger Hybrid is scheduled to go on sale in the middle of next yearpromising to be the cheapest hybrid of up to 7 seats on the market, which is already quite a declaration of intent.

smart #1

The reinvention of smart, now as a manufacturer of Mercedes and Geely, has materialized with the launch of the new smart #1. In this compact SUV (4.27 meters in length) we find a car with a spacious interior, adults can travel in its rear seats with plenty of space, and a trunk of up to 411 liters. To this we must add that the endowment of equipment is very abundant from its simplest finishoffering a level of quality, assistance and technology that has nothing to envy to the much more expensive Mercedes EQA.

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Available only in electric version with 272 CV engine and autonomy of 420 km, the smart #1 can now be purchased in Spain for a price from 36,930 euros if we include aid from the MOVES plan. The first customer deliveries of the smart #1 are scheduled for mid-2023.

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