4 cars that will say goodbye in 2023 (and that can be a good purchase opportunity)

2022 is about to say goodbye, giving way to a 2023 that, at the automotive level, promises to be the least intense. After all, it seems that 2023 is going to be the year of the definitive landing of the majority of Chinese manufacturers, also being the year of renewal and arrival of the most interesting models that, surely, will they will reap a good level of sales. 2023 will also be the year in which some models say goodbye to us, models that, on the other hand, can be a good purchase opportunity if they suit your needs.

The automotive industry is changing very fast., which forces manufacturers to quickly adapt both to the new demands of customers and to the administrative ordinances that regulate their activity. Most of the “farewells” that we are going to read here are related to the market and its level of sales, although others are simply Due to the closure of the commercial cycle, although yes, none of the models that appear in this list will have, a priori, a direct successor.

From urban cars like the Ford Fiesta to 100% electric models like the BMW i3, the truth is that there are also emotional models that say goodbye forever. This is the case of models like the Audi TT or the Audi R8, both coupes that say goodbye to us without a direct successor on the horizon.

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Ford Fiesta

The farewell to the Ford Fiesta is undoubtedly one of the saddest. About to celebrate 50 years of uninterrupted sale (it will stay at 47-48 years) the seventh edition of the small American urban will be the last to come out of the factories of the oval firm, factories among which, in At the time, there was also that of Almussafes in Valencia, Spain. Currently, the Ford Fiesta is only marketed with gasoline engines and a five-door body, but the truth is that it has come to have one of the widest ranges in the segment in terms of mechanical options.

The Ford Fiesta has fought for decades against models like the Renault Clio or the Volkswagen Polo, models that at the moment seem to have survived the North American urban. Secondly, after the Ford Fiesta will come a small electric-powered B-SUV that will apparently be the spiritual successor to the small Fiesta.

Audi TT

The Audi TT turns 25 in 2023. Good news that comes along with other not so good news: 2023 will be the last year in which you can get a new Audi TT, since It will cease its production definitively after three generations. It will also do so without a direct successor. The brand with the four rings has confirmed this, stating that a substitute for the TT will arrive that will have little to do with it.

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Gone will be what has undoubtedly been one of the most attractive and groundbreaking aesthetics of recent decades, also accompanied by some mechanics as representative as the 1.8 turbo 20-valve engines, the 3.2 V6 or the even better known 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder.

bmw i3

I’m sure if you ask a large percentage of the population how old the BMW i3 is, most responses would not exceed 3 years. The reality, in this case, is very capricious: the BMWW i3 has been manufactured since 2013, so that in 2023 it would celebrate a decade on the market. The truth is that the production of the i3 has been stopped for a few months, but there are still units for sale and, in fact, it continues to appear even on the manufacturer’s website.

The BMW i3, a kind of futuristic minivan barely 4 meters long, is actually one of the most advanced cars launched at the time, starting with its power, its chassis made of carbon fiber or its interior concept, in the that recycled and alternative materials had a lot to say. The i3 says goodbye like this in 2023, and it does so without a direct successor after having fulfilled the mission of becoming the first member of the BMW i family.

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Audi r8

Audi’s supercar will also say goodbye to us in 2023 and, like the other models mentioned here, it is still available for purchase. Of course, there are fewer and fewer options and units available, even announcing the arrival of a final edition that is already on sale.

Born in 2007 and sharing a good part of its components with models such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and later with the Lamborghini Huracán, the truth is that the R8 quickly earned a place in the hearts of fans thanks to its driving dynamics and aesthetics. Originally available with manual or automatic gearbox and V8 and V10 engines, it is currently only available with a V10 engine and automatic gearboxbeing also the last model of the brand that uses an engine of atmospheric aspiration that, unfortunately, will also die when the R8 disappears from the market.

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