5 Car Manufacturers with the Best Rear Cross Traffic Warning (RCTW) Safety System

Manufacturers with the best security system
Manufacturers with the best security system

One of the most important developments at the automotive level is the creation and implementation of advanced car security systems (ACSS). These employ cameras and sensors to detect potential hazards and help drivers avoid collisions. Specifically, the rear cross traffic warning (RCTW) is an ACSS that has become increasingly popular in recent years. But not all RCTW features are created equal. According to Consumer Reports, there are five car manufacturers that have the best security system rear cross traffic. Here we present what this system is and which are the brands that have the best.

What is a rear cross traffic warning system?

In case you don’t know, a cross traffic warning system rear monitors vehicles moving toward a backing car and warns the driver not to back into that vehicle.

The RCTW it works only when a car is in reverse, although some systems also detect pedestrians and other objects approaching the rear of the vehicle. Drivers appreciate the RCTW since the function helps to deal with the Blind spots or other visibility problems when backing up.

Manufacturers with the best security system
Manufacturers with the best security system

Even if a driver has a clear view in front of him, it is possible that a car may be approaching that he cannot see while backing up. The sensors of an RCTW system detect an obstacle and trigger an audible alert.

Of course, having a car equipped with a rear cross traffic warning system By itself it doesn’t solve all the problems with reversing, as drivers are still responsible for ensuring it is safe, but it goes a long way when driving.

It is worth mentioning that some vehicles with RCTW they also feature rear automatic emergency braking to stop a vehicle if a car is detected while backing up. And while this feature can be beneficial, it can also be activated when there is no real threat, resulting in a unnecessary braking.

Car manufacturers with the best security system RCTW

CR conducted a survey of vehicle owners to determine what car manufacturers offer the best advanced safety systems. And, according to Consumer Reports, respondents chose: Lincoln, Genesis, Jeep, Cadillac Y hyundai.

So if you’re hoping to buy a car with a great RCTW system, these brands are likely to satisfy you. Although, it should be mentioned, not all manufacturers use the same name for this advanced driver assistance safety system.

Manufacturers with the best security system
Manufacturers with the best security system

On the Lincoln and Cadillac side they call it Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Hyundai and its luxury brand, Genesis, tell you rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assistance. And Jeep calls its system Rear Cross-Path Detection.

However, regardless of the name, these manufacturers offer excellent RCTW systems. Therefore, they are a great option for those who are looking for a good RCTW system in a car as one of their main characteristics.

Other important advanced security systems

Today’s cars abound with ACSS features, and the RCTW it’s just one system buyers should consider for their next car. Other quite interesting systems are the automatic emergency brakingwhich more than avoiding reverse collisions, can also detect frontal collisions and apply the brakes of a vehicle to avoid other cars or pedestrians.

Manufacturers with the best security system
Manufacturers with the best security system

The blind spot warning is another essential feature that monitors the blind spots at the rear of a vehicle for other obstacles that the driver might not see. This feature is beneficial for changing lanes. Meanwhile, the lane departure warning does what its name indicates. If a driver starts drifting out of your lane, the vehicle will alert you.

Another even more advanced feature is the lane keeping assistan automatic vehicle control over steering to prevent drivers from drifting out of their lane.


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