5 images that will change your vision of Chinese cars

Chinese cars are already here andAs we have been warning for a long time, they have come to stay, willing to break any kind of prejudice we might have. It is not the first time that Chinese brands have tried to conquer the European market. Throughout the last two decades we have witnessed different attempts, usually unsuccessful. But as we will see in this article, the landing of Chinese cars that is taking place and will take place in the coming months has nothing to do with previous experiences.

In recent weeks we have already seen how the arrival of new manufacturers progresses. First, a strategy of economical products and affordable technological electrics that will lead MG to position itself among the best-selling car brands in Europe. On the other hand, a premium and quality electric strategy unveiled in Paris by BYD. Finally, the breaking of a dogma, with a whole series of cars manufactured in China, by Chinese brands, which are reaching 5 EuroNCAP stars.

Today we’ll see 5 Images That Will Probably Change Your View Of Chinese Cars and how good finishes and, above all, a technological design that revolves around the screens, present us with an image of Chinese brands that, surely, is far from the one we had until very recently.

1. A luxury SUV, in every way

BYD, an acronym for Build Your Dreams, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show the range with which it wants to attack the European market. With the ATTO 3, a compact SUV that will start at €38,000 – estimated preliminary price for Germany and without deducting aid. But also with two high-end products, the BYD Han sedan and the SUV, whose image we see above, TANG.

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What we see, and what we have already seen live (see video on TikTok), it is a very high quality of finishes and adjustments – in appearance it was better than Tesla’s – and a design that is dominated by technology, by a huge central screen that, as if that were not enough, can be rotated, to use it in horizontal or vertical arrangement.

2. An original crossover for all audiences

Another of the surprises that we have had these days is that of a new brand that, intermingling a friendly exterior design, which may well resemble that of MINI, has created a compact electric crossover, which has already achieved 5 EuroNCAP stars and which will be at starting prices around €35,000. With help from the MOVES Plan, the ORA Funky Cat should be priced lower, or significantly lower, than the Volkswagen ID.3.

Aboard the ORA Funky Cat (see tik tok video) we have found what you see in the image above. An electric car that, despite being modest, and a priori economical, enjoyed high-quality adjustments and finishes, with textile-type material and similar to Alcantara. We were also surprised by its dual-screen layout – Mercedes-Benz style – that unites the digital instrumentation with the entertainment system.

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3. A very peculiar and high-quality SUV

Aiways has just presented its second major launch, of a brand that is committed to selling cars online – with a wide network of Astara network workshops for customer service – and that is focusing its strategy on a range of electric SUVs great quality. Its first model, the Aiways U5, can be purchased for €38,290, with the MOVES Plan included.

What you see in this image is the interior of the Aiways U6. Good fit, high quality materials – look at the upholstery and design of the seats – a very striking combination of lights and colors and, of course, the presence of a large screen for the entertainment system.

4. The new electric car benchmark

One of the most promising proposals that we have known in recent weeks comes from the hand of MG. The MG 4 Electric could become a benchmark for electric cars, not only for offering an electric compact at the price of diesel or gasoline, but also for having managed to give its product an attractive design and a certain quality and technology that do not conflict with its adjusted price.

The minimalist design, which we can see in the photo above, on which MG has relied, with two horizontal screens, one for the instrumentation, the other for the entertainment system, show us that an economical car can also be attractive. We recommend you see the MG4 Electric video by my colleague Juanma, in which he shows us the interior of this car in great detail, but also what its entertainment system is like.

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5. A high-end plug-in hybrid SUV

Another of the new brands that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about is WEY with its Coffee 01. A large SUV, plug-in hybrid, with an electric range of close to 146 kilometers, whichIt will start with a price of around €60,000.

After learning about it at the Paris Motor Show, we find a vehicle that gives a very good impression of quality on board, with materials such as leather, covering dashboard panels – including the upper part – and a large center console – in which we do find Less quality settings and materials that had already suffered some scratches – on which a large upper screen has been arranged for the entertainment system and a second lower screen for touch controls, following a similar strategy to that of brands such as Audi.

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