7 million middle-class people in Chile do not have a vehicle or a house, according to a study


According to a current study conducted, 7 million people are from Chilean middle class They do not own their own vehicle or home.

Study reveals the situation of the middle class in Chile

A current study determined that the middle class reaches 6 million in Chile and the majority do not have their own vehicle or home, the majority in the Metropolitan Region and 1.5 million remain in arrears.

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equifaxindicated that the middle class (C2-C3) in the country is made up of 6,199,054 people (3.3 million are women and 2.8 men) and minors, increasing the figure by 7.1 million.

Puente Alto (7.85%) of the total in the Metropolitan Region is at the top, followed by Maipú (7.7%), Santiago (6.1%), La Florida (5.3%), San Bernardo (4 .3%), Las Condes (3.9%) and Pudahuel (3.3%).

Two out of every five people are in the Metropolitan Region (2.4 million people), followed by the Valparaíso Region, with 10.3% and Biobío with 9.5%.

In the C3 segment, a fifth of the percentage owns real estate (804,919) and in the upper middle class it is 45% (860,919). People who do not have real estate are 4.2 million. 78% belong to the C3 group (3.3 million people) and 46% belong to C2 (more than 886 thousand people). The remaining 9% have two or more properties.

Regarding cars, 67% of the total do not own any (4.1 million people), in the middle class (C3), only five people have their own car (859,997) and one in 10 has two or more (more than 386 thousand people). In the upper middle class, 37% have one car and 15% have two or more.

Director of Equifax Corporate Affairs, Ignacio Bunster, said that the boundaries of the middle class were blurred, being «difficult to address their specific needs, both in the public and private world. It is a segment that has access to durable goods, but which in any case requires state support to continue growing.

Bunster announced that inflation and the slowdown have reduced purchasing power, being an issue “complex for the middle class, which will have to deal with greater budget restrictions, high levels of uncertainty and the consequent impact on their quality of life.”

Regarding debts, of the total, 1,535,577 are delinquent (6.8% of C2 and 18% of C3) and the average debt is 2.6 million pesos for the C2 segment and 1.9 million pesos for the C3.

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