70-year-old man dies after being run over by a state policeman on a motorcycle in Guanajuato, Mexico

An older adult man was reported dead after being struck by a state trooper on a motorcycle on the León Metropolitan Axis. The state agent reports serious health.

An elderly man, whose identity remains unknown to the authorities, died after being run over by a motorcycle of the State Public Security Forces in the Metropolitan Axis of León. This was reported by the local press in Mexico on Monday night.

Also, it was revealed that The officer was reported in serious healthdue to his injuries.

The terrible event that took place in the Metropolitan Axis near the corner with Karol Wojtyla would have been reported minutes before 7:00 p.m..

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Among the first details that were revealed, it was said that the victim, approximately 70 years oldit was stopped on the crossing quoted just moments before the accident occurred.

Nevertheless, when crossing over the Axis, he was hit by a motorcyclist of the State Public Security Forces and he was killed on the spot while the motorcycle driver was taken to the emergency room.

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