71-year-old woman works cleaning car windows “I still think I can fulfill a dream in life”

71-year-old woman works cleaning car windows
Image courtesy of TN – 71-year-old woman works cleaning car windows

This is a story of optimism and courage. A 71-year-old woman with a degree in psychology and a degree in public relations, she was secretary of the René Favaloro team and foundation, and currently, Margarita works cleaning car windows to survive.

He gets up every day at 6, goes to his corner with his chair and cart, initially sweeps the sidewalk and then starts his day with the cars. “What she does is admirable, she works more than me,” said the kiosk on the block.

During her youth, having two titles and a career ahead of her, it is clear that Margarita would never have imagined ending up doing that job. “I had a very small narcissism, it was always difficult for me to assert myself and that was my great defeat. That is why I failed in my life, in all aspects, ”she declared.

71-year-old woman works cleaning car windows

His day passes while the traffic light changes, then he goes to the street with his cleaning supplies in his hands, ask nicely if you can clean, and it does so without splashing a drop until the driver grants permission. It is a job against the clock, with forty-second intervals.

And despite the fact that it is not what he imagined for his life, with all the optimism he accepts his work and sees the exchange with his clients in a rather peculiar way. “When you part with something, in this case money, it is a gesture of love. I see this work as a symptom of that love that I could not obtain in any other way in life”, she expressed.

Margarita does not have family or friends, she is alone. The feeling of not feeling loved is what weighs the most on her old heart and what hurts her the most.

However, he never gave up. She keeps thinking positive and looking to the future. “I am 71 years old and I still believe that I can fulfill some dream in life, maybe have my own business, why not?”, she recounted.

This fighter does not blame anyone for the situation she lives in, instead, she takes responsibility for her mistakes and her bad luck. “Once a person totally moved me, she told me ‘I apologize for the doors that society did not open to you’, it was shocking for me. But I didn’t know how to make my way, I don’t blame someone else”, she maintained, as a phrase that was told to her and was engraved in her memory.


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