A van and other products: see everything that Grupo Claro, Vicuña, Valenzuela in Chile are offering at their first auction

First auction Claro Group Vicuña Valenzuela
Image courtesy of Biobiochile – First auction Grupo Claro Vicuña Valenzuela

The first auction of Claro Group, Vicuna, Valenzuela (CVL) in Chili It will take place this Friday, November 25. The construction company that filed for bankruptcy in October will have its first auction of assets this Friday. Specifically, it is about the furniture that the Group had in the office in a building in Alonso de Córdova, in Vitacura, in front of the Los Leones Golf Club and blocks from Parque Arauco.

The auction will take place 100% online and will be in charge of the auctioneer Nicolás del Rio Noé, from River auctions.

First auction Claro Group Vicuña Valenzuela

The notice of the auction bears the name of the liquidator, María Loreto Ried Undurraga. the same number in 200 the “fine office furniture”also confirms that a van will be part of the auction Ssangyong New Actyon Sport 2.02017.

In the same way you can see the link of the event on the company portal, where it is detailed what will be on offer “to the highest bidder”. It is worth mentioning that although many products do not show the minimum starting price, it is made clear that the person interested in acquiring it must attach to the value to be paid a 7% commission plus VAT.

First auction Claro Group Vicuña Valenzuela
First auction Claro Group Vicuña Valenzuela

This auction is very varied, and it is that, for example, the lot 134 they are stainless steel letters with the name of the company. Also available is a iron sculpture and several engravings, among them, one of benedict red and another of Hugo Marin.

In addition, there are several batches of laptops, video conferencing systems, televisions, 72 landlines, printers, computer screensmeeting tables, directory and armchairs, among other office elements.

Company problems Claro, Vicuña, Valenzuela

The bankruptcy application for Claro, Vicuña, Valenzuela was filed on October 21. However, the day before, Radio BíoBío de Concepción announced that it had already halted various works for the State, because it could not cover them.

For example, the company was in charge of the Bicentennial bridge over the BíoBío river and the repairs on Colón de Talcahuano avenue.

After the news of the bankruptcy, Nicolás Grau, the Minister of Economy, stated that “as a Government we are taking a series of measures to promote investment and in particular to help the construction sector.”

“That is why we have changed future contracts, so that public contracts, I mean the bidding, so that these contracts can reflect in the future the changes that exist in the costs of materials, which has been one of the problems that these companies have had,” he said.


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