Accused of the multiple outrage in Torrejón de Ardoz assumes responsibility, police are looking for the other suspects

The driver accused of multiple hit happened at a wedding Torrejon de Ardoz assumed his guilt, the authorities are searching for the whereabouts of the others responsible for the act.

Responsible for the multiple outrage at a gypsy wedding acknowledges the fact

In the Community of Madrid, a terrible accident was caused by a driver who ran over several people in a gypsy celebration, leaving four people dead after the fact. The driver who intentionally hit the people remains under arrest while authorities continue to search for the other accomplices.

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The man of Portuguese nationality has taken responsibility for the fact. He showed up with his two children at the wedding to attend the religious ceremony. He however he was not invited to the celebration in the restaurant ‘The ranch’however he attended. After an argument with other people, he left the restaurant and waited in his car for everyone to leave the premises.

Several witnesses point out that he skidded and drove directly to where the bride’s brother and one of the matriarchs of the clan of ‘The Brunos’, of the Royal Glen, his son and another family member. The four people who were run over lost their lives instantly due to the multiple fractures caused by the attack.

The event occurred at 02:44 in the morning from Saturday to Sunday. Four other relatives ended up with various injuries, the driver escaped to Seseña, in Toledo, where the Civil Guard stopped it.


The driver along with his two children, minors, was arrested: “There were no other occupants in the vehicle”indicated the delegate of the Government in the Community of Madrid, Mercedes Gonzálezwho indicated that there was no shooting as was said.

A fourth person escaped. In the car they found almost 4,000 euros that the Armed Institute thinks it was stolen from the wedding. ‘Los Brunos’ assure that the accused robbed them before escaping.

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