Advancement of the Honda Accord 2023 shows a new appearance and the brand’s largest touch screen (+ Images)

2023 Honda Accord Sneak Peek
Image Courtesy of Motor1 – 2023 Honda Accord Sneak Peek

The advance of honda accord for model year 2023 offers a look at the new front and rear appearance of the 11th generation sedan. In addition, to reveal the new infotainment screen. With 12.3 inches, Sling states that it is the largest of the brand ever available. Its full debut is scheduled for this November.

The Japanese brand makes some big claims about the new Accord. In its advance, the manufacturer expresses that the model “brings the emotion back to the midsize sedan segment.” The company further claims there is “a more responsive and fun-to-drive hybrid powertrain.”

2023 Honda Accord Sneak Peek

Exterior images reveal a more angular styled front end. With the hexagonal grille it has sharp outer edges and running lights above the spotlights.

2023 Honda Accord Sneak Peek
Image courtesy of Motor1 – 2023 Honda Accord Preview

In the rear, the Accord it also looks more chiseled. The taillights cover most of the rear, except in the middle where the emblem is located. Sling.

As for the interior, Sling displays the new infotainment screen. It sits on the dashboard and is rectangular in shape. The screen design looks similar to the last Civic, but without the physical buttons. The only control left is a knob under the screen that appears to be for audio volume controls.

2023 Honda Accord Infotainment Preview
Image Courtesy of Motor1 – 2023 Honda Accord Infotainment Sneak Peek

At the far left of the image, a glimpse of the instrument cluster can be glimpsed, which appears to be a digital display.

In July, images of Brazilian design trademarks allegedly revealed the look of the Accord 2023and it is quite similar to what is shown in the images.

Patent registration Honda Accord 2023
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Honda Accord Patent Registration 2023


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