Aggressive bus driver hit inspectors twice in Santiago de Chile (+ Viral video)

A bus driver collided against the car in which they were traveling three auditors during a road argument in Santiago.

The act of violence was recorded in a video circulating on social networks, where the driver can be seen attacking the Transportation inspectors of the Metropolitan region.

According to Radio Bío Bío, the incident occurred on Almirante Barroso and La Moneda streets, where a white bus driving down the street next to a car for fiscal use.

At a certain moment, the street is narrowed by other cars parked on the sides, so the driver collided with the smaller car, Where did the inspectors go?

The driver of the minor car gets out to check the bus driver, a situation that triggered in a violent maneuver and a second vehicle collided.

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This caused an official, who was next to the vehicle, to be hit by the crash, falling to the public highway. In addition, a third official, who was inside the prosecutor’s car, could have been injured, since the driver dragged the vehicle a few meters before starting to flee.

Given this, the Ministry of Transport studies the possibility of sanction the bus company, identified as Premier.

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