Alarming predictions from car manufacturers in Spain for the end of the year

Alarming predictions from car manufacturers in Spain

car manufacturers in Spain they have performed alarming predictions by the end of the year 2022, where the setbacks and falls in the Spanish automotive parquet have shown that the numbers have not been regularized since the pandemic.

In relation to this, the Spanish market will close the year with a volume of 830,000 registered passenger cars and SUVs, this would result in a 3% retracement compared to the previous year. On the other hand, according to the forecasts of the association of manufacturers ANFAC, the following year will exceed 900,000 units, a 8% YoY growth.

In addition, as José López-Tafall, the general director of ANFAC, announced in a meeting with the press, these figures reveal that sales volumes are far from pre-pandemic levels, regressing 34% compared to 2019. This is the third consecutive year that these figures have not been reached.

Alarming predictions from car manufacturers in Spain

Among the factors highlighted by the manager as causing the Spanish market to fall in 2022 are, mainly, the microchip shortage as well as economic uncertainty, due to the war in Ukraine and the increase in prices.

Looking ahead to 2023, Anfac estimates that there will be a recovery in registrations, with a volume of more than 900,000 units. This will result in a rise of close to the 8% in the year-on-year comparisonalthough even with figures that are far from the pre-pandemic volumes.

The manager explained that said growth in the national market would take place in an environment in which the microchip crisis will continue for almost all of 2023. However, this will be with less impact. There will also be a negative effect resulting from the economic recession.

“These results continue to place us below the pre-pandemic records and far from the figures that Spain should be reaching, with close to 1.2 million annual sales,” López-Tafall specified.

Alarming predictions from car manufacturers in Spain

The cars in 2023

In addition, he indicated that 2023 will be a “key” year for the promotion of sustainable mobility, in a context of elections, which, according to his perspective, should not suppose “neither an impediment nor a brake” to develop policies and a mobility model “more suitable”.

On the other hand, the ANFAC forecast indicates, regarding the rest of the segments, that the deliveries of light commercial vehicles will culminate the current year with a volume of 118,000 units, a 22% drop.

Likewise, according to López-Tafall, the industrial vehicle market will have growth of 11% this year, with 23,100 units; and the registration of buses and microbuses will close with 2,360 units, a 20% progression.

Alarming predictions from car manufacturers in Spain

Increase in electric cars

Finally, regarding the electrified models, whether electric or plug-in hybrids, the general director of Anfac assured that the current year will close close to 80,000 cars registered in the country, a 20% increase compared to 2021.

Despite the year-on-year growth, the manager added that this figure is 40,000 units lower to the milestone of 120,000 units established for this year (according to Anfac estimates) that sought to meet the Government’s objectives for the year 2030 (reach five million electric units).

López-Tafall, indicated that electrified passenger cars represent only 10% of the Spanish market. He specified that another point to improve to expand electric mobility is the expansion of the charging infrastructure, since Spain currently has less than 17,000 points. A number that is “very far” from the 45,000 needed.


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