Alfa Romeo updates the Giulia and Stelvio improving in, almost? everything they needed

With an eye on 2023, Alfa Romeo launches new update of the Giulia and Stelvio models. It is a minor revision that does not translate into a redesign of the exterior or major changes in equipment or engines, but it certainly does provide a plus of freshness that will be more than well received by those interested in buying one of these two cars. . That said, let’s find out how much and how the 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio improve.

The first great novelty in this revision of Giulia and Stelvio is found in the use of some new headlights. We talk about completely new optics that make use of LED matrix technology, thus retiring the bi-xenon headlights used by both models to date. With these new headlights not only better visibility and greater range are promised, since they have an adaptive function, but also a new new light signature composed of three elements in each headlampthus following the stylistic trend inaugurated by the Tonale where the classic Alfa Romeo SZ is honored.

For the first time, the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio will feature LED headlights and a digital instrument panel

The next novelty we discover inside, because for the first time in Giulia and Stelvio a fully digital instrument cluster is used. This panel with a diagonal of 12.3″ is inherited from the Tonale, offering three different designs for the representation of information and graphics: Evolved, Relax and Heritage, the latter being an “analog” watch design inspired by the paintings of brand classic cars. This digital panel is combined with the multimedia system with an 8.8″ touch screen. already available after the last review of both models, thus ensuring that Giulia and Stelvio finally offer a level of infotainment on a par with their most direct rivals, but also doing so judiciously, without falling into the exaggeration of covering all screens or doing touch all controls.

When it comes time to talk about engines, Alfa Romeo has only confirmed for now the arrival of 3 mechanics: 2.0 turbodiesel 160 hp or 210 hp and 2.0 Turbo gasoline 280 hp. These three engines will be associated with the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission by torque converter, being able to choose between propulsion configuration or Q4 all-wheel drive in the most powerful versions. And it is precisely here where Alpha could have gone a step further, since we miss that this review of Giulia and Stelvio does not include the electrification of the hand thrusters of a microhybrid systema technology capable of reducing consumption and emissions, in addition to allowing the ECO label to be obtained in Spain.

With this 2023 revision, a new new special series called Competizione which will be placed above the Veloce versions. In this finish made from the Veloce finish, we find a exclusive Moon Light gray matt exterior paintred brake calipers, 21″ wheels and black leather trimmed interior with red stitching.

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