Almost €7,000 less than a Sportage, this is KIA’s true anti-SUV and its best November offer

SUVs are in fashion. But from these lines we have been defending other segments for a long time, which seem like an intelligent purchase, due to its practicality, especially its price, and because it is a really suitable solution for those who require a comfortable and spacious car. Relatives derived from compact usually have all these qualities. And a good example is found in the KIA range and how a compact family is a much cheaper solution than its SUV alternative. However, How is a family better than an SUV?

To this day, the KIA Ceed Tourer is available from €20,800while the compact SUV of the same brand, the KIA Sportage, part of €27,540 (+€6,740).

The difference between the KIA Ceed Tourer and the cheapest Sportage is close to €7,000

Family vehicles as an anti-SUV alternative

With 571 liters of capacity, the trunk of the KIA Sportage is still larger than that of the Ceed Tourer, with 512 liters of capacity, the latter being also 9 centimeters longer. The difference in capacity and length between the two is small, although this last factor is important if we have a narrow garage, in which a car over 4.5 meters long may have difficulty manoeuvring.

Today, the KIA Ceed Tourer is the model that probably offers more space, with a tighter budget, of the Korean brand. In any case, the compact version KIA Ceed is still cheaper, from €18,750. And there is also another extremely interesting alternative, such as the KIA Xceed from €21,100, which is only €300 more expensive, and less spacious, but it does have a crossover body and a more SUV aesthetic.

None of these models has been exempt from the price rise that almost all brands have experienced in recent months. The KIA Ceed Tourer could be purchased from €18,300 this summer, now €20,800 (+€2,500). The KIA Sportage was available for €25,850 in July, €28,300 in September and stands at €27,450 at the moment and since October, having experienced significant variations in the promotions and discounts offered by KIA in recent months.

Family members not only enjoy good prices in the new car market, but also in the second-hand market

Other interesting anti-SUV alternatives

If what we are looking for is a compact family derivative, the market leaves us with really interesting options that go beyond the KIA range. The closest, by price, is the Hyundai i30 CW from €21,095, which shares platform, engines and technology with its “cousin” KIA. Another very interesting alternative, especially for those looking for a hybrid with an ECO label, is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports starting at €26,400.

On the other hand, and in a new car market, and also second-hand, in which prices have risen notably in recent months, we do find ourselves with some really interesting deals on second-hand compact estates. Definitely, the variety and quantity of second-hand cars in this category that we find is not even comparable to that existing in the SUV segment. But there is probably one of the keys to the prices for tighter budgets that we can find in this type of family, as can be seen in the second-hand car search engine of What car do I buy?

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