Alpina B7 Discontinued And Won’t Get A Successor

This is the end of the road for one of the best performance sedans in the world. Alpina said goodbye to the BMW 7 Series-based B7 sedan as the Bavarian company transitioned from the G11/12 series to the all-new G70 generation. It seems that Alpina, now wholly owned by BMW, has no plans for a successor to the speeding luxury cruiser.

In the official post on Facebook, Alpina Belgium announced the final B7 has been assembled, and “the era of the BMW Alpina B7 is coming to an end at the Alpina car factory.” The German automaker didn’t say so outright, but from the announcement, we got the perception that there are currently no replacements under development. Alpina even took a retrospective look at the high-end sedan saying it now looks “back to the attractive car that appeared at Buchloe based on the BMW 7 Series”

With the new generation 7 Series G70, it appears that the Buchloe-based company will not be given access to the platform for performance and luxury modifications. The new Bavarian flagship in the form of combustion and electricity went into production in July this year and sales will begin later this fall. BMW is now even producing i7 electric drive components at its Dingolfing plant, where up to 500,000 electric vehicles can be assembled each year.

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As for Alpina, the high-performance automaker is shifting its focus to SUVs with one of the company’s newest products being the highly revised XB7. With a new face and more power than ever, the performance family carrier is now on sale in the United States for $145,000 with no destination fee of $995. The first deliveries are scheduled for the first months of next year.

The Alpina B7 is now history and, at least for now, no direct replacement is planned. By the end of 2025, Alpina will move on to a new deal with BMW that might change the company’s strategy regarding the model to be modified with the 7 Series being the first to be fired. Recent statements made by BMW officials have also put the B3 in trouble, although nothing has been confirmed for 3 Series-based vehicles.

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