Alpine puts a stop to Ocon: “I don’t want you to fight with Fernando Alonso”

The Brazilian Grand Prix continues to leave much to talk about. In this case, about the relationship between Fernando Alonso Y Stephen Ocon both Alpine drivers, who starred in a double touch in the sprint on Saturday.

Otmar Szafnauer, director of the French team, was very critical of this situation and claimed to be disappointed by the performance of the drivers, since they put risk fourth place in the Constructors’ World Cup.

“I don’t want you to fight with Alonso”

The mishap at the Interlagos circuit caused they both went out at the bottom of the grill this Sunday.

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There was a moment of the race where both were matched, although with the Asturian with better rhythm. They tried to respect each other at all times, until the entrance to the safety car a fatal 15 laps.

Or with He was in eighth place, one ahead of Alonso. At that moment the Frenchman asked his team to let him run and fight for the position with his teammate. Alpine’s response could not have been more blunt.

“Fernando is behind, don’t focus on him”, they communicated to him through the radio while the safety car was on the track.

“Let me run” the pilot answered boldly. “I don’t want you to fight with Alonso«, They repeated from the box. “I’m not going to fight with Fernando”was the last thing Ocon said.

In the end, Ocon would obey the order and did not resist against Fernando Alonso who overtook him in a matter of seconds.

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