Alpine seeks external investors after the departure of Fernando Alonso

A Fernando Alonso he only has two races left with Alpine, Pierre Gasley will be his replacement and partner of the French Stephen Ocon as of 2023.

Now, the Renault brand has decided that it is time to open the door to outside investors ahead of the next course of Formula One.

The information was released by the team through an official statement, where they point out that they are “open” to receive new investments for the Alpine team of the Great Circus.

The names of Porsche and Andretti came to the fore. Two firms interested in entering the world of F1. Andretti has even tried on multiple occasions to create his own team.

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Porsche is on the same path, although on its horizon it looks like biker from 2026, but Renault’s plans could advance its arrival.

Formula 1 is ready for new groups. In fact, in 2026 Audi will arrive alongside Sauber instead of Alfa Romeo in the grill.

We will have a program, the simulator and we will work with pilots for development, and this is important. It could tie into a talent show or a young driver show, but we’ll talk about that later”, revealed Adam Baker, CEO of Audi.

The arrival of another team

In that order of ideas, the CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali, has opened the doors to another team on the grid in recent statements.

«It is not a problem to have one more team in the Championship. There is a lot of interest in it, but only if it allows us to have better races. We’ll see. At the moment, we monitor the situation. If an amazing team wants to discuss your entry, we’re willing to talk. But for now this is not the situation“said the manager.

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