Amazon wants to become your new mechanic

There are many drivers who carry out, themselves, some mechanical tasks that are not too complicated and for which too many tools are not needed: changing the filter or replacing the battery. The reason? Save and also acquire the components they want. Now these operations can be extrapolated to larger operations such as oil or tire changes. How? Thanks to Amazon, your new mechanic.

The electronic commerce giant wants to combine these two aspects: give the user the possibility to buy the components he wants and have a professional install them. For a large part of the maintenance work on our car, we need someone who has the necessary equipment and knowledge. On the other hand, in most workshops they are in charge of providing you with the parts that your car needs without having the opportunity to choose one brand or another. Many times they have a higher price than what you can find in the online spare parts stores themselves.

Amazon’s installation service

With this starting point, Amazon has created its installation service for some of the components of your vehicle: tires, oil and batteries, for now. Its operation is simple: the user buys what he needs, the platform shows you the workshops around you and makes an appointment. It only remains to take the car because they are in charge of sending the spare part to the chosen establishment.

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In this way, the user can choose which parts he wants for his vehicle knowing that, in theory, there will be no problem in your installation because it will be carried out by a professional.

Amazon’s workshops

They explain on their website that they are in charge of select workshops based on their reliability and professionalism: They also ensure that they are authorized and insured.

How much?

On the purchase page, Amazon offers the installation service and indicates at what quantity the price range begins that has the operation in question. The amount will depend on the workshop and the operation.

If it is a change of tires, includes installation, balancing and removal of old ones if desired. In the case of batteries they restore the electrical system if it has the Start & Stop system and they get rid of the one that is exhausted. and in a oil change add filter. However, some shops may include additional services as part of their service fee.

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And if it doesn’t work out?

Amazon backs these services with their satisfaction guarantee, but ensures that if the service has not been carried out as agreed, they will correct the problem. And if it is not possible, they will proceed to carry out a refund. However, if the driver is not convinced, before the whole process starts, he can cancel the order or return the spare parts: in both cases, the appointment is also cancelled.

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