American actress Denise Richards crying after her car was shot in a shootout (+ Images)

The actress Denise Richards was captured in photos quite moved talking on the phone after the shooting suffered while driving.

Denise Richards cries after the shooting with her husband

Denise Richards still scared after an aggressive driver shot her and her husband Aaron Phypers while driving.


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The actress of “Wild Things” 51-year-old, was caught on camera in front of an office building in Malibu, California after the event, talking on the phone.


In the images, she looks quite moved crying while talking on her phone with someone who is seen telling her about the mishap.

The former star of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” She was upset but disconcerted after the fact, while talking on the phone she wiped away her tears.

Richards and Phypers they left the place and had lunch at the nearby restaurant lucky’swhere the paparazzi took more pictures.

“Everything is alright. We’re all fine”, The actress told a photographer when they asked her about the mishap she experienced.

Phypers added that the incident could “happen anywhere and at any time” and think that the subject was only a “random man”

The actress of Blue Lagoon He had a casual look, wearing a black T-shirt, black pants, an olive green newsboy cap, and black Ugg boots. Richards and Phypers after the accident they have kept a low profile.

The actress spoke after they wished her to get hurt on the internet.

“What I experienced yesterday with my husband is not that you care. It was the scariest situation I’ve ever been in.” replied to the user of Twitter on Wednesday. “I’m sorry a shot didn’t grazed my neck… a hole.”

after the fact, Richards went to the movie studio to film «Fallen Angels: Warriors of Peace» for 12 hours even though she was nervous and crying.

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