An altruistic driver got out of the car to save a scared deer in the middle of the road (+Video)

An altruistic driver got out of the car to save a scared deer in the middle of the road (+Video)

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Altruistic driver got out of the car to save a scared deer
Altruistic driver got out of the car to save a scared deer

If you frequently drive your car in a rural area, chances are you have encountered deer on the road. Sometimes these little critters get so scared of vehicles that they freeze and don’t move. In one extreme case of such behavior, a deer was caught in a short YouTube video after becoming so scared that it stood and trembled in the middle of the road. However, a altruistic drivergot out of the car save the scared deer and move it to a safe place.

Altruistic driver got out of car to save startled deer on busy highway

Road-crossing deer are common in rural areas of the US, especially during sunrise and sunset when they are most active. These encounters with deer and cars can be dangerous, especially when a deer freezes in the middle of the road.

But, a deer seen in a short YouTube video took the fear to another level. Yes ok, the incident occurred three years agorecently, the video published in the Tai Rebuilds channelwent viral with over 16 million views and counting.

On a busy road, the deer trembled with fear without moving from his spot near the yellow center lines. And while it’s not uncommon for deer to freeze in an encounter with a car, it’s usually momentary, before they dart into fields or woods. But this frightened deer did not move.

Image courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Selfless driver got out of car to save a startled deer

However, thanks to the kindness of a animal loving driver, the frightened deer was saved and also, a possible traffic accident was avoided. The unknown man stopped his car and approached the deer, then grabbed the deer with his arms and lifted it close to his chest.

After picking up the deer, the man brought it to a sidewalk near the side of the road. With the deer’s legs moving, the man gently lowered it, saving the deer from a possibly dangerous collision. Thus, the frightened animal went perhaps to a nearby forest.

Some YouTube comments praise the driver, reading “I don’t know what impressed me more: whether he saved the deer or his proper use of body mechanics in picking up the deer.” A second comment writes: “Congratulations to this man who came out to help the deer. It would be really nice if they were all like that.” In another you can read “Legendary are those who [hacen] this kind of work, and they don’t even inform us about their actions.”

Image courtesy of Motorbiscuit – Selfless driver got out of car to save a startled deer

Millions of vehicle collisions with deer each year

Deer-vehicle collisions are a serious problem, so the deer in the YouTube video was pretty lucky to have survived. According to the Society for the Protection of Animals, there are about 1.5 million car accidents involving deer every year in the US.

It is worth mentioning that part of the problem is the increase in the deer population, generally when there is loss of habitat, the population of animal species decreases. However, at least indirectly, habitat loss resulted in an explosion in the deer population.


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This is because deer are an “edge species.” They graze the foliage at the edge of the woods. In other words, although there is less forest habitat in general, there are now more pockets of forest. As a result, more edge areas are found for deer to graze.

Also, deer are attracted to using road salt in the winter. Additionally, frequent mowing of roadsides attracts deer, as it creates a growth of succulent plants.

How to avoid hitting a deer when driving?

The Humane Society recommends some measures to avoid hitting a deer with your car. First of all, you must watch out for deer in rural areas, especially in sections with poor visibility, during sunrise and sunset, when these animals are most active.

Also, deer tend to be most active in the fall, when the males (deer) roam during the rutting and hunting season. Spring is another busiest time, as youngsters explore new territory. You should also be aware of the groups of deer. They usually travel in groups, so if you see one crossing the street, there’s probably another one not too far away.

When it comes to driving, the best preventive measure is go slow, especially in areas where deer frequent. If you encounter a deer, slow down further and watch for others to follow.

Also, do your best to drive in a straight line. The Humane Society recommends that drivers not swerve. Straying can cause a deer to crash into a vehicle. Also, you can hit another car or a pole when you swerve. So instead you should slam on the brakes and honk.

Another recommendation is to use the high beams of the spotlights overnight. The high beams illuminate the side of the road, where you can see the glint in the eyes of the deer.


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