Another Tesla Model Y at high speed hits two vehicles, leaving two people dead in China (+SENSITIVE VIDEO)

other vehicle Tesla Model Y at high speed crashes abruptly into two cars leaving two people dead in China.

Tesla Model Y at high speed causes fatal accident

The Chinese authorities are conducting an investigation into another fatal accident involving a Tesla Model Y at high speed. The car ran a red light, hitting two cars, leaving two people dead. This is another fatal accident that causes a Teslaa few weeks ago another model accelerated out of control and crashed.

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The event was caused by a Tesla black in color and occurred on Monday, November 28 in the city of Taizhou in the province of Zhejiang. A security camera recorded the moment of the accident that was shared on the Chinese social networking site Weibo. The Tesla sped through an intersection before the accident.


A car camera also recorded the moment of impact, the unit crashed into the back of a car, displacing it towards the intersection where it collided with the second vehicle, which was passing by. The unit after hitting the sidewalk almost overturned.

The authorities are conducting the investigation to determine the reason for the accident, to date it is not known what was the failure that occurred.

CarNewsChina indicated that Tesla He has taken several failure cases to court, winning almost all of them.

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