App driver surprises passengers by having a store in his car

Recently a video showing a driver of Uber who set up a candy store in his work car shocked passengers.

Motivated by the strong global economic crisis, which has led several countries to a high percentage of inflation, a a lot of people have been forced to look for how to generate extra money to bring sustenance to the house or manage to save for different occasions; such is the case of a driver of the transport service platform Uberwho decided install a small shop inside your unit and offer various products to your passengers so that you have a pleasant trip.

She was a user of TikTok identified as Paula Miglio who shared a video where inside the vehicle registered as an Uber driver’s car has a variety of fried foods, sweets, gum, soft drinks and other treats for the delight of passengers.

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Many were the reactions of the followers of Paola Miglio, some they questioned how the driver does it so that the passengers do not rob him O well what would happen if the uber suddenly stopped. Others praised the driver of Uber for starting the business on 4 wheels and they also thought that if they traveled with him they would certainly buy him candy.

Undoubtedly, like this case, there would possibly be similar ones in Mexico; the video has more than 55 thousand likes and it has been played 2 million times.

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