App driver was stabbed in Reñaca: he is in vital risk


application driver is stabbed after being approached near a supermarket in Reñaca: he is in vital risk as notified by the medical report.

App driver is stabbed after picking up a passenger

According to the authorities, an application driver is hospitalized and is in vital risk after being stabbed by a subject he picked up through the App. There were several perforations caused by a knife in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso region.

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This Friday night a 41-year-old mobile application driver was approached by some passengers near the Tottus supermarket in the Reñaca sector of the Garden City.

At that time, two men and a woman stabbed the driver several times, leaving him abandoned and then escaping from the scene.

lieutenant colonel Leonardo Cardenassub-prefect of the services of the Prefecture of Vina del Mar, notified about the event indicating that the driver received more than 20 stab wounds in various parts of his body.

Carabineros officials appeared at the Los Pinos de Reñaca Alto place in the early hours of the morning, where the car was with the suspects inside, however, they managed to escape from the authorities.

Carabineros found the whereabouts of the criminals who were arrested and the vehicle seized for investigations.

Inside it there would be organic evidence, penetrating puncture weapons of the knife type, with traces of blood and a handcrafted firearm.

Thomas Romerospokesman for Drivers V Regionindicated that they contacted the driver’s family, after being informed of what happened.

Another motorized unit with a cloned license plate and which was ordered for theft was found in the same sector. The three detainees, two 18-year-old subjects and another 23-year-old, were seized for the crime of robbery with intimidation and for receiving a car.

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