Apple Car would cost less than US $ 100,000 and would arrive in 2026

New information has come to light about the Apple Car as a projected price of less than US$100,000, according to Bloomberg sources. However, the model will not be presented until 2026, a year after what was announced by the company.

Details about the vehicle’s technology were also offered. There was talk of a advanced driver assistance system that you can drive on the road thanks to Lidar and radar sensors that would monitor the road. In addition, a processor was mentioned in Denali code to control various systems and very powerful.

Autonomous driving would be monitored with a Conventional steering wheel and pedals. The project has gone through ups and downs, such as in 2016 when it had been decided to focus on the development of autonomous technology. Later he separated for reallocate 200 people out of the program to work in other divisions.

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In recent years there have been reports of Apple approaching manufacturers to build the vehicle for them. The talks did not come to fruition with Hyundai and Nissan. Other brands mentioned were Toyota, LG and Magna.

At the moment, Apple is keeping quiet about what it is doing with the project. In 2021, there was a rumor about the use of a limited liability corporation by the apple firm to hide the purchase of a former Chrysler proving ground in Phoenix, Arizona.

Apple Car hasn’t materialized, but the company continues to develop its CarPlay telematics software. The next generation had a breakthrough in Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2022.

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