Argentine journalist received a tremendous gift from a Qatari who was driving a Lamborghini (+VIDEO)


A Argentine journalist approached a Lamborghini parked in Qatar and the owner gave him a latest model cell phone.

Argentine journalist receives a gift from a Qatari

the journalist Sofia Martinez and its producer Federico Russoare in Arab territory to cover the news about the ‘Albiceleste’ in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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The two were walking down a street Qatar and they found a Lamborghini parked. Martinez (which covers the appointment for the Argentine Public Television and ESPN) approached to admire it because it had decorations of World Cup soccer players.

A man who claimed to be its owner allowed him to look inside.

“There was an Arab who was the owner and he told us: ‘Do you want to come in and see inside?’ We obviously said yes.” the journalist said.

The surprise was the gift that the Qatari gave them both.

“I got in, sat in the driver’s seat and he let me turn it on. He told me, “Speed ​​it up, speed it up” and it was crazy. I looked at the seat on the side and there was like a gift. I told him that he was very cute and I was just looking at him. he was going to leave [donde estaba] and he told me: ‘It’s for you, take it with you’”, reported the journalist.

The gift had a dark wrapper and in one corner a miniature World Cup cup.

“I get out of the car, I open the package that he gave me, he had a little glass of the world and the latest model from Samsung”, explained in amazement Sofia Martinez to the station

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