Arturo Elias Ayub explodes in networks against Max Verstappen for not letting the Czech pass

After denying Sergio “Checo” Pérez access, Max Verstappen has become in public enemy number 1 in Mexico. It is only necessary to enter social networks and look for the Verstappen trend to realize it.

This was caused by the Dutchman himself after he refused to obey a direct order to let the Aztec pass, when they were fighting for sixth place in Interlagos. The world champion refused to give way to his partner

The race was bad for the red bull drivers in general terms. The rubber bands prevented Checo from fighting until the end, a factor that is attributed as mistake the engineers and culminated in seventh position, behind “Mad Max”.

The order from the Asturian team is due to the fact that the native of Guadalajara fights hand in hand against Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) for the runner-up position in F1 drivers.

However, the current champion refused to let the Mexican advance, assuring that “They had already talked about it and that it would not happen, that he had his reasons”.

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Sergio Pérez, however, was quite annoyed with his teammate, as well as the rest of his compatriots.

One of them is the businessman Arturo Elias Ayub, director of Telmex, official sponsor of Checo en el Gran Circo, made it known on Twitter.

Ayub had some harsh words against the world champion, although it is not far from what most might think.

“Being competitive is very important, but being grateful and working as a team is much more so. I love you signs the man on Twitter.

Criticism about the world champion has not been long in coming, which come from everywhere. Max Verstappen did not play anything on a sporting level at the Interlagos circuit, so many think he was arrogant in the race.

For his part, Pérez reminded him in statements that have gone viral that, thanks to him, he has been world champion.

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