Aston Martin’s AMB 001 Pro is a track-only superbike with 225 hp

The motorcycle AMB 001 Pro Of the brand Aston-Martin it is listed as a track-only superbike.

Aston Martin AMB 001 Pro

Three years after the debut of the track-only superbike AMB 001 of Aston-Martin Y Upper Brough, companies have returned with an updated model. The AMB 001 Pro who made his debut in EICMA in Milan, with more power and improved aerodynamics, inspired by the Valkyrie AMR Pro.


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Aston-Martin designed it and Upper Brough developed and manufactured it. The super bike It’s just as aggressive as its predecessor, adding more pronounced aerodynamic components, such as a front spoiler, side wings and a rear wing, that increase downforce and improve airflow.


It comes with the color Verdant Jade of Aston-Martin with details in Photon Lime, satin-finish carbon fiber and Cerakote black motors and suspension systems. Next to an ultralight emblem «lacewing» of Aston Martin.

It features a 997cc twin-cylinder engine with a crankcase machined from solid billet aluminum with a cylinder design with wet cylinder liners that optimize cooling. It generates 225 hp (168 kW / 228 PS), 25% more than the 180 hp (134 kW / 182 PS) of its predecessor. Combined with the dry weight of 175kg (386lbs), the power-to-weight ratio of 1.28hp/kg rises into F1 territory.

Only 88 units will be manufactured, manufactured by hand in the factory of Upper Brough in Toulouse, France. They will begin to be delivered by the fourth quarter of 2023.

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