Attacks in Esmeraldas: car explosions, shootings and jail incidents

Attacks on Esmeraldas
Image courtesy of El Universo – Attacks on Esmeraldas

During the early hours of this November 1, a wave of attacks took place in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, where at least four incidents are added to the attacks that occurred in Guayaquil.

The attacks range from vehicle explosions to problems inside the prison of the aforementioned Ecuadorian city.

Attacks on Esmeraldas

It occurred during the early morning hours car bomb explosion next to a gas station. The car was completely incinerated a few meters from the station. Firefighters moved to the site.

A second car explosion It took place in Cristóbal Colón and Guayas, just four blocks from where the vehicle exploded last May. Fortunately, no casualties were reported, but material damage was.

Then, at 03:00 in the morning, a third incident was recorded in the El Potosí sector: a attack with explosive device and shooting of firearms to a service station. This was recorded by the establishment’s video surveillance cameras, where two people dressed in black with jackets and helmets are observed.

Attacks on Esmeraldas
Image courtesy of El Universo – Attacks on Esmeraldas

jail incidents

But that is not all, since around 01:00, the inmates of the Esmeraldas Men’s Rehabilitation Center No. 2 left their cells to the main patio, where they burned mattresses, according to prison shift staff. .

Initially, seven prison guides were identified as possible hostages. Another incident followed at 02:00, when an artifact was detonated, as a sign of rebellion against the Public Force. No casualties or injuries were reported from the incident.

According to videos recorded by the inmates, together with the guards with a loudspeaker, they warned the SNAI not to let the police enter pavilions number 8 and 9. In a second video, they asked President Guillermo Lasso to change the officials, including the new national director of the SNAI due to possible links with members of organized criminal groups.

The director of the Esmeraldas Rehabilitation Center No. 2, Iván Toledo, stated that there would be eight guards retained and that one of the records would have been recorded by the inmates of the prison.

It is worth mentioning that the Police and the Armed Forces maintain security in the internal and external perimeters of the Esmeraldas prison, which houses nearly 1,500 inmates.

Attacks in Esmeraldas, car explosions and jail incidents
Image courtesy of El Universo – Attacks in Esmeraldas, car explosions and jail incidents

These new facts take place 24 hours after the discovery of two bodies hanging on a pedestrian bridge. In addition, in another sector two human heads were found. Reason why President Guillermo Lasso asked the Minister of the Interior to act immediately in Esmeraldas.


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