Audi Activesphere, the SUV with a pick-up complex… and virtual reality inside!

After the Audi Skysphere, the two-door gran turismo, the Audi Grandsphere (the sedan) and the Audi Urbansphrere (the minivan), comes the fourth member of Audi’s Sphere family, which is probably the most peculiar of all. The Audi Activesphere, an SUV with a pick-up complex… and virtual reality.

The Audi Activesphere it has an unusual style: it is a cross between an SUV, an SUV and a sports car. It combines a coupe silhouette with generous ground clearance and off-road tires. As with the rest of the Sphere family, it is not expected to go into production, although it is likely that we will see some of its features in the brand’s future electric vehicles.

A variable headroom

Like the rest of the Sphere prototypes, the Audi Activesphere is based on the PPE architecture: It measures 4.98 meters long, 2.07 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. It has a wheelbase of 2.97 meters and a ground clearance of 20.8 centimeters, which increases to a considerable 24.8 centimeters in off-road mode or drops to a figure similar to that of a car: 16.8 centimeters for driving on asphalt.

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It is powered by two motors, one located on the front axle and one on the rear: They deliver a joint power of 440 CV and have a torque of 720 Nm; this force is distributed among the four wheels. The 800 volt battery pack has a capacity of 100 kWh and offers a driving range of more than 600 kilometers. It supports charging power up to 270 kW, which means you can go from 5 to 80% in less than 24 minutes with a compatible ultra-fast charger.

From SUV to pick-up

The Audi Activesphere boasts an aerodynamic silhouette, almost a single volume, while the bodywork is characterized by being muscular and having large glass surfaces: not only in the windows, but also in the front grille and in the lower part of the doors. The side mirrors have been replaced by cameras and it sports 22-inch wheels: they are made of alloy and have a six-spoke design that integrates holes that open and close.

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The most peculiar characteristic of the body of the Audi Activesphere is found in the rear: it is possible to slide the rear glass over the roof and lower the tailgate to become something similar to a pick-up. This space is capable of transporting two bicycles and other sports equipment, while the roof has an integrated ski rack.

indoor virtual reality

The interior design of the Audi Activesphere is equally striking. The suicide doors and the absence of B-pillars facilitate access to the cabin, which has four seats. The individual seats are armchairs with integrated armrests and headrests: the driver is provided with a yoke-shaped steering wheel, while the dashboard lacks screens. With autonomous driving, this entire structure disappears completely, along with the steering wheel and pedals, opening up the space in front of the driver and front passenger. The central tunnel, by the way, is enabled to store food and drinks.

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However, the most curious thing about the cabin of the Audi Activesphere is on the roof: that is where they are stored. four glasses with which it is possible to access Audi Dimension, that is, a mixed reality that mixes virtual with augmented reality.

Each passenger can access infotainment features interacting with 3D graphics through touch, gestures or eye movement. All menus and functions are displayed near points of interest (climate controls next to the vents, the audio system menu with the speakers…) turning all interior surfaces into invisible touch screens

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