Audi makes drastic decision on Twitter For Elon Musk?

The renowned vehicle brand Audi joins the list of companies that have decided to suspend their ads on the platform Twitter. Everything seems to indicate that they do not feel safe under the mandate of Elon Musk in said social network.

Audi joined this Thursday the list of other big companies that have decided to suspend their ads on Twitter at this time due to doubts circulating about how the social network will operate under the command of the new owner Elon Musk.

Whaewon Choi-Wiles, the Audi spokeswoman, said the German automaker will suspend its advertising on Twitter and “will continue to assess the situation.”

Due to this, endless theories have been triggered among advertisers, due to that they are concerned if content moderation will continue to be as strict with Musk, who is self-appointed “absolutist of freedom of expressionas before, and if staying on Twitter could hurt their brands.

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Before announcing the decision to take over Twitter last week, Musk engaged with advertisers not to allow Twitter to become a “anarchic hell”a sign that allThere will still be consequences for violators of its rules against harassment, violence or false information related to elections and COVID-19.

However, several users have been posting since then racial slurs and long-debunked conspiracy theories have recirculated, in an apparent attempt to see if the policies were still being implemented. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People The NAACP said this week that it has raised concerns with Musk about “the dangerous hate and conspiracy theories that have proliferated on Twitter” under his command.

But not only would Audi be worried about the situation, since last week, General Motors announced that it had temporarily suspended its ads on Twitter while it works to “understand the direction the platform is going to take.” GM noted that pausing was a normal step it takes when a social media platform goes through significant change.

IPG Mediabrands sent a recommendation to his clients on Monday that they stop advertising on Twitter for a week until there is more clarity on brand safety on the site, according to one person who had seen the recommendation.

On Twitter, at least 90% of revenue comes from advertisers, although this it is not one of the main platforms that advertisers use for digital marketing.

Twitter will account for 0.9% of global digital ad spend in 2022according to Insider Intelligence projections. Meta will represent 21.4% in that period.

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