Audi Officially Teams Up With Sauber For The 2026 Formula 1 Season

Former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess announced in early May this year that Porsche and Audi would join Formula 1 for the 2026 season. The Zuffenhausen-based company is still keen on participating in the most coveted motorsport class despite the fact that its deal with Red Bull fell through at the minute. final. The Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer has found a partner in Sauber.

As per the deal announced today, Audi will supply engines to Sauber from the 2026 season onwards. As a refresher, a new set of regulations will come into effect that year, with one of the most important being the switch to fully synthetic fuels for combustion engines. The first tests with the all-new engine are planned to take place in 2025.

Currently, F1 car racing uses only 10 percent renewable fuels. The turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine will remain at the heart of the race car. It is worth mentioning that the F1 2026 regulations call for an increase in electric power generated by up to 50 percent compared to current levels.

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Audi plans to buy a stake in Sauber, but further details are not available at this time. We know Four Rings will be building a power unit at the Neuburg an der Donau site in the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district. Sauber will engineer and build the car at its site in Hinwil, Switzerland.

our brother site believe the team will again be called “Sauber” for the 2024 and 2025 seasons instead of the “Alfa Romeo Racing” moniker that has been in use since 2019. In the next interim season, the F1 team will continue to use the engines provided by Ferrari.

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