Autonomous driving car is paralyzed on the road in San Francisco (+ Video)

A Chevrolet Bolt of autonomous driving, Cruise of General Motors with no one inside it was stuck in San Francisco traffic.

Autonomous driving Chevrolet Bolt was left without service in the middle of the avenue

Service GM Cruise autonomous driving in San Francisco, it has offered its driverless services since June of this year and its units have covered many miles without anyone behind the wheel and without accidents.

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However, it is a technology that, like everything, can fail and this is demonstrated by the video below, captured by the user of Twitter @k_pendergrastwhich teaches the chances that something can go wrong, especially when there is no actual driver.

A C.Cruise Bolt stopped at an intersection turning on your emergency lights, even though you had a way at the light. According to the user of Twitter that recorded what happened, the autonomous car was like this for several light cycles without moving in the middle of the avenue while other drivers passed it.

To top it off, a Jaguar i pace operated by waymo stops behind unit Bolt that got stuck in traffic waiting for the road to clear.

Nevertheless, waymo It has an emergency driver inside who managed to perform a rescue maneuver on the road.

After 13 minutes, another Cruise chevrolet bold He appeared at the scene of the event with a technician who removed the stuck car, freeing the road. Although thankfully there were no injuries, the drivers weren’t exactly comfortable with the fact.

This event has already generated all kinds of chaos on the roads before. In the month of June of this year, several Bolts self employed They blocked the entire road.

Another event led authorities to arrest a cruise cab for driving without lights on at night, getting a surprise, there was no driver to ticket. The staff of Cruise contacted the police solving the problem.

From what we know about these drawbacks, manufacturers of autonomous vehicles need to update some details.

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