Autopilot of an uncontrolled Tesla runs over and kills two people (+ Video)

A Tesla Model Y caused the death of two people after it started at full speed when the driver tried to park it in guangdongChina.

According to Reuters, the vehicle two people died and two others were injured after being hit by the electric vehicle. The victims were a motorcyclist and a high school student. The tragic event was captured by security cameras, where the car is observed without control.

The police are currently looking for a third-party assessment agency to identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide the necessary assistance.” they say from the firm, warning in not believe rumours.

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It is worth mentioning that the Asian giant is one of the main tesla shoppers and the accident had a great impact, since the local news and social networks echoed it.

Police said the driver of the car I was 55 years old and his relatives commented that the subject had problems with the pedals and brake. However, in the clip it is seen that it was about to stop in front of a store.

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