Awesome traffic! In Tenerife there are already 530 thousand cars in circulation: “May God come and see it”

More and more cars are in circulation in Tenerife, and due to this a great traffic has been caused in recent years.

During the last few years, an impressive increase in Tenerife traffic has been reported, since the lines of cars exceed 15 kilometers in length. The traffic jam can be seen first thing in the morning from Santa Úrsula to El Portezueloalthough sometimes it extends to Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The discomfort of the drivers is evident and widespread, but also that of the experts because «everything is the same as it was 35 years ago» and the car park does not stop growing.

It has been confirmed that Tenerife already has on its roads 531,570 passenger carsthat is, the 43% of all cars in the Canary Islands. According to data from the Canary Institute of Statistics, lThe island added from January 2020 to August 2022 up to 14,640 vehicles in circulation.

To avoid collapse, the public works technical engineer, Ambrosio Jiménez, proposes measures on two fronts.

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The first option is focused on dissuasive actions, and in his opinion not only should public transport be promoted by offering free service to students and retirees, but also the University of La Laguna can make decisions to alleviate traffic. «If the University had paid parking lots, many students would not go alone in their car, four students would go in their car”, points out.

However, Jiménez, who is also a member of the CEOE Transport Commissionis especially critical of the public administration for what he describes as “total political negligence» in Tenerife. In this regard, he claims that “Investments in roads in the Canary Islands have gone to Fuerteventura, La Palma, Gran Canaria…”.

For this reason, he says that the project of the third lane on the northern highway is one of the great possible solutions: «it is stopped, it does not have the environmental impact report and, therefore, the work cannot be carried out, it cannot be put out to tender. For the Ministry of Public Works, according to the general director, the three lanes are not important. May God come and see it, because every day, for 35 years, the queues are endless.

In this way, the expert asks that they begin to structure «quick solutions and in the medium-long term». It not only refers to the execution of the third rail in the north but also to the closure of the insular ring or the “outer road that goes behind the Los Rodeos Airport towards the Polígono de La Campana, which is vital, it is the fundamental skeleton.” In addition, it indicates as projects that should be a priority «the southern ring road and the three southern lanes, from San Isidro to Adeje».

The engineer asserts that «we have lost the north because we are with the project from Güímar to San Isidro when it is neither important nor vital for the island of Tenerife. The three lanes in the north of Tenerife, which are forgotten, like the outer road, are more important.

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