Bad Bunny’s extravagant private plane with which he is doing his world tour (+ Video)

Puerto Rican singer bad bunny is in the middle of his world tour called «World’s Hottest Tour” and the young man does not go unnoticed in any country he goes to.

Bad Rabbit arrives at his destinations aboard a private plane: Airbus A320, that shortens your flight times and is key to communicating and connect with your followers.

Bad Bunny’s private plane

East Airbus A320 have a white and light blue fuselage, that combines the hallmarks of his latest album “A Summer Without You”, tour and shoes: the waves, his stage name, the sad Cyclops heart and the Adidas isotype.

His tour began last August, the singer used it to launch the new model of sneakers Forum Bunny Blue Tint, his fourth collaboration with the aforementioned Adidas brand.

Bad Bunny’s invitation to his fans

In order to promote his new edition of sneakers, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio invited content creators from different social networks to enjoy a exotic voyage on board bound for New York.

They published multiple stories of how they enjoyed the party and a concert by the musician. They also received a bag of exclusive souvenirs, breaths and amenities, all with the chromatic palette of the footwear and the plane.

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The gift package included a blanket, sleeping pillow, wireless headphones, face mask, towel, cooler and more.

The launch strategy was a success because a few hours after it came out on the adidas app the shoes were already out of stock.

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