Because the luxurious diesel car is still an alternative, but you will need 118,000 euros to enjoy it

You may like it more or less, but that BMW has given a tremendous blow to the table with the new BMW 7 Series is a reality. And we are talking about a luxury saloon that takes technology to the next level, in addition to establishing itself more firmly in its complex segment with a 100% electric variant. But luckily for the most skeptical of the electric car, there are more engines for the Bavarian flagship, including a diesel version, although yes, available in exchange for 118,300 euros.

It is a considerably lower figure than the 142,050 euros that the M760E costs, the PHEV variant and more performance of the 7 Series, but it is clear that it is not an outlay suitable for all pockets. However, in its defense, it must not only be said that it is established as one of the most logical options for those who want to cover long kilometers, but that it also wears the coveted DGT ECO label.

118,300 euros is what the diesel luxury performed by BMW will cost you

This is possible thanks to a mild-hybrid system that wraps up the 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder inline engine that hides the BMW 7 Series 740d. Specifically, it develops 286 hp and a dizzying 650 Nm of torquefigures that, in a timely manner, can rise to 300 hp and 670 Nm of torque thanks to the electric motor that surrounds it.

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Thus, 0 to 100 occurs in 5.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km/h, although its high point is, without a doubt, a combined consumption 6.1 liters per 100. However, for those who want more power and enjoy the ZERO label on the BMW 7 Series, they will have to opt for the gasoline variants, which are solely and exclusively plug-in hybrids, in addition to being the real novelty of this.

In a first rank we find the BMW 750e xDrive, or what is the same, the access PHEV. This also boasts a turbocharged six-cylinder gasoline engine that produces a total of 489 hp and 700 Nm of torque, figures possible thanks to the presence of a 197 hp electric motor that is powered by an 18.7 kWh battery. This guarantees, under the WLTP cycle, an autonomy in electric mode of 89 kilometers.

But if we want to go one step further, it is possible with the Series 7 M760e, also a plug-in hybrid version. This uses the same six-cylinder, but the overall power settles in a more generous 571 hp and 800 Nm of torquefigures that are complemented by a range in electric mode of 85 kilometers.

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Thus, and as stipulated by the DGT criteria, both Series 7 PHEVs bear the DGT ZERO label. Although given the benefits and technology of the German sedan, the price will also be the competition of a few lucky ones. This is because the BMW 750e implies an outlay of 131,200 euros, while the M760e raises the figure to 142,050 euros.

With all this, and positioning itself at an intermediate point, we find the BMW i7, a fully electric version of the 7 Series. This produces 544 CV, has a range of 625 kilometers under the WLTP cycle and forces us to face a payment of 139,350 euros.

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