Bentley Launches Mulliner Riviera Collection for Continental GTC

Bentley has unveiled the new Mulliner Riviera Collection for the Continental GT Convertible. The special series celebrates yachting culture and the French Riviera with unique interior and exterior touches. The cars will only be available through the Bentley Monaco, home to high-end yachts.

The Continental GT Convertible is available in three exterior colors that reflect the Mediterranean Sea: Aegean Blue, Aquamarine and Caribbean Blue. The colors cover the exterior, including the carbon fiber body kit and deck-cover spoiler.

Inside the Alcantara framed cabin, customers will find Linen hide and personalized Riviera Collection treads. The automaker also added a marine knot logo to the headrests and embroidered Riviera trim badges, which were part of the car’s bespoke Color Split interior.

Mulliner offers three levels of customization starting with the Bentley Configurator. Here, Curated by Mulliner offers cars and features directly online. The second tier of personalization is called Mulliner Bespoke, which is only available through retailers like the new Riviera Collection. The highest level is Mulliner Coachbuilt, which makes custom models like the Batur.

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Bentley Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Riviera Collection
Bentley Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Riviera Collection

β€œThe Mulliner Riviera collection shows how Bentley is responding to high customer demand for bespoke personalization and exclusivity,” said Balazs Rooz, regional director for Bentley Europe.

Bentley has placed greater and greater emphasis on the Mulliner brand in recent years. Since 2020, demand for Mulliner exterior paint has doubled, private commissions have tripled, and the company has had no shortage of debut-only models over the past few months.

Earlier this month, Mulliner helped Bentley owners create two unique aircraft to match his bespoke Bacalar style. Bentley also gave GTC a pastel color change for its Beverley Hills, California retailer, featuring Mulliner’s customization capabilities.

Sales were also strong for the company, with the automaker setting record sales for 2021. The company sold 14,659 cars, a 31 percent increase from 2020, with the Bentayga accounting for 40 percent of the automaker’s total sales. The Continental GT saw a 33 percent increase, with 40 percent of customers choosing the GTC. America leads the world as the best brand selling region, beating China by a few hundred cars.

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