Bertone Hypercar will use fuel from plastic waste and will debut on December 21

Bertone Hypercar will use fuel from plastic waste and will debut on December 21

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Bertone will present a new hypercar which will use fuel made from plastic waste and will make its debut on the 21st of this month.

Bertone presents a special edition Hypercar

Bertone it closed in 2014 when it filed for bankruptcy. In 2016, the firm was bought by Akka Italy by Collegnoa division of the French engineering company AKKA Technologies.


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In 2020 it passed into the hands of ideaactivea company owned by brothers Mauro and Jean Franck Ricci, who acquired the rights to the iconic name. Now he will arrive next week making his long-awaited debut.


Although we don’t know much about its specifications, it is designed to run on fuel made from plastic waste. The new official teaser it reveals once you tweak the exposure and brightness of the image a short two-seater model with mid-engine proportions, though they haven’t specified anything about its powertrain.


In appearance it is similar to a mclaren 720s or a Lotus Emira however everything can change for the next year. The teaser above show the front and back, with a modern look taking advantage of the led technology.

Bertone has indicated that the style is like “a compliment to Italian elegance and the ‘Italian Gentleman'”. Some of the most exceptional cars like the Lamborghini Miurawere made by Bertone.

The brand will become in the future a “high-end manufacturer of limited-edition hypercars, which will fuse Italian elegance with impressive performance.” Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21, at 3pm CET / 2pm GMT / 9am ET, it will make its grand debut.

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