Biography – Who was Ken Block, the iconic racing driver who died in a snowmobile accident

On the night of January 2, tragic news surprised the world of cars: the death of Kenneth Paul Block, a renowned rally driver who in recent years has stepped forward to also perform difficult maneuvers by various brands.

Ken Block, as he was known in the world of motorsports, developed his skills in different rally categories, although he also established himself as a successful businessman after founding the brands DC Shoes and Hoonigan, a company dedicated to modifying.

His origins

Block’s story would begin in 2005, when he entered the Vermont SportCar team using a Subaru WRX STi. Subsequently, it reaches X Games, an extreme sports series televised on ESPN.

In this competition he achieved the silver medal, 19 podiums and 8 medals in rally. It was also part of some dates of the WRC and similar categories around the world.

Already in 2009 and until 2018, Block began recording videos called Gymkhana, which merged rally with extreme maneuvers. This developed in different parts of the world.

their cars

As mentioned above, Block began his rally career with the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, then enlisted the backing of Ford and switched to using a Focus RS or Fiesta ST.

The influence in the world of cars

Ken Block he had a charismatic personality, coupled with the versatility to drive cars, snowboards, scooters, and any vehicle that came his way.

In fact, his name transcended to such an extent that, in the 2000s, he was part of video games Forza and Need Ford Speed. In 2021, he began a sponsorship with the game CSR Racing 2.

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The accident

For now it is known that he died in a snowmobile accident in Utah, very close to his ranch.

He apparently wanted to cross a very steep hill, so he lost control and the motorcycle fell on top of him causing his death immediately.

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