BMW 3.0 CSL is revealed with a retro flavor, more power and a manual gearbox (+ IMAGES)

BMW 3.0 CSL It arrives with extreme power and with a manual gearbox. paying homage to Sport Lightweight Coupe from the 1970s.


bmw has had a good year, with the launch of the M3 Touringthe M4 CSL and the new m2. Now comes the 3.0 C.S.L.


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It shows a kidney-shaped grill similar to that of the concept 3.0 CSL Hommage of 2015, with a new lattice-shaped insert in a diamond structure. The grille frame has a satin aluminum finish that is also seen on the side window surrounds.


It has huge holes in the front apron that serve to cool the engine and brakes. Hood-mounted air flaps take us back to the 1970s.


The laser headlights adapted from the M4 CSL They bring the same details in yellow as a tribute to racing vehicles and the M4GT3 current. It shows bulging fenders and 20″ center-lock forged wheels in the front and 212 in the rear.


Wheels come painted gold with a Y-spoke design with tires Michelins custom with number “fifty” engraved on the side wall to identify the half century of m.

The bmw m placed a prominent wing in the style of the iconic batmobile. with retro logo MPower the spoiler is the same width as the rear of the 3.0 C.S.L. whose sides are closed in the same way as the original 50 years ago.

Arrives with paint Alpine White Uni with the traditional M graphicsthe new 3.0 C.S.L. It has an inline six-cylinder engine with exclusive power.

The 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine is rated at 553 hp (412 kW) and 550 Nm (404 lb-ft). Torque has been minimized by 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) compared to the M4 Competition and the M4 CSL.

It comes with a three-pedal transmission that puts power to the rear wheels where bmw placed a differential M. It comes standard with carbon and ceramic brakes, along with a adaptive M suspension for track with electronically controlled dampers.

only 50 individually numbered cars will be assembled in about three months. producing some pieces of CFRP by hand. Each model goes through no less than eight assembly cycles.

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