BMW M2 2023 With M Performance Parts Fully Revealed And Much To Be Taken

After several previews in recent days, BMW has finally introduced M Performance Parts for the 2023 M2 Coupe. As we’ve seen before, this makes the smallest M car look so aggressive, you’d be tempted to say it’s a race car. All body add-ons on the front, sides and rear are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The trunk lid spoiler can be replaced with a fatter wing and combined with a roof spoiler.

BMW says these items with clear finishes are more than just for show as they enhance the M2’s aero. Carbon fiber is the main theme here as it can be found everywhere, including on the side mirror caps and the trim around the much-criticized square air intakes at the front. There’s more of the same lightweight material on the back for the rectangular grooves on the bumper. Miscellaneous items include a red M-branded tow strap, black decal, and the words “M Performance” on the side skirts.

There were some substantial modifications, such as titanium silencers that shed eight kilograms (nearly 18 pounds) from the standard exhaust. The upgraded setup features an electrically controlled enclosure and center-mounted stacked ends housed within a distinct carbon fiber diffuser. It sounds very aggressive in Sport and Sport+ driving modes. Optionally, BMW can pair the 2023 M2 with exhaust trim in titanium or carbon fiber.

Forged wheels made of a single piece of aluminum can be obtained for an additional fee. Finished in Jet Black or Frozen Gold Bronze, this alloy features a cross bar design and measures 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the back. You can even get an M Performance-branded tire bag for them, complete with sturdy handles and a graphic showing the position of the wheels.

Rounding out the changes on the outside is the upgraded suspension with height-adjustable springs on both axles. The BMW M2 2023 can be lowered by as much as 10 millimeters (0.4 inches) to improve handling when cornering under hard acceleration.

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The M Performance Parts catalog also has a few items for the interior where owners can have certain trim panels made of carbon fiber and Alcantara. There’s also a Pro steering wheel with carbon fiber sliding pads, more luxurious floor mats and door frames, not to mention decorative stitching in the famous M color.

BMW says additional items will be available from April 2023 when the M2 is scheduled to go on sale.

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